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For those who have started to follow us on Youtube, we were very excited to post the new video today. However, this is a huge learning curve for us having no experience with media in this way. We realized after watching the second video that it was much too broad and without proper focus and ma cause confusion to those having no knowledge of our work.

Our goal is to start these talks in a way that can allow the listener to follow a thought pattern while having practical information that allows him or her to get started examining his or her own circumstances and to take that information to begin to be able to make practical changes at home or with their practitioner.

We have so much information in our minds after all of these years, and this is so exciting for us, we tried to say too much in the first time, and we believe it would not have set things off on the correct foot. SO, we are switching gears, putting ourselves in reverse, and starting again.

Please bear with us while we gain our momentum in executing this huge task. As we said, we are super excited and happy to finally be doing this! If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to notate them here or on Youtube. And, if anyone would like to start a conversation chain here. We are all ears.

Dr.M and B


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This is sooo exciting !! Ive never had enough strength to see this treatment thru, do to life issues and my own personal strength or lack of. Ill be trying it once again, starting this week,and will see it thru no matter how many mistakes I make along the way. Anyways point is I know after 19 years of being sick with IC that this is the only place I feel safe and secure.
The insane amount of testing,the countless doctors that didnt have the slightest clue of what this was or who treated me with by just writing script after script, holistic doctors that are wonderful but also created more misery than help cuz they just didnt understand it either.19 years ago nobody really heard of IC ..scary ! No way was it like it is now...everywhere ! Which is so heartbreaking.
I mean this beast is something you couldnt possibly understand unless youve had it,or have a sincere desire to learn,learn,learn and learn some more, to be able to grasp exactly what this is and how to treat it.Which is obviously what your husband has done. What a powerful force and how lucky are all of us VERY SICK ppl who need help so badly to have you two AMAZING human beings that devote your lives to help us. We need help sooo bad,THANK U ! Now to be able to hear you and see you whenever we want is sooo comforting. Now all the ppl who havent figured out about you will now be seeing these videos and finding out theres hope and a way to heal too.
I believe your first video was such a great start. To let everyone know about your illness and how you started was to me the sooo good. That will def make IC warriors pay attention and hang on every word. Ive followed you for sooo many years and Ive learned so much. The lil things that are huge like ex: world thinks coconut is the best thing ever but learned from you that its a def no no and why,which is so important for us to know. What i believe is very interesting is things that help others hurt ppl with IC ,like vegetables,exercise, probiotics,saunas. I mean they do all help us but in do time and the fact that youve figured it out when is a blessing. I could keep rambling but I wont. Just thank you both so much for EVERYTHING and now youtube too !! Heaven sent !! ((Hugs))

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Armstrong--something is up with the program tonight-hoping you see that I am replying to your comment. Thank you so much for writing and for saying such nice things! You have been on my mind a lot the past few weeks understanding how much has happened in your life. Life is really difficult road for each of us. I can't pretend to understand why things happen and why things are so much harder for some than others. I am glad you are fighting and trying to help yourself become healthier. Fight! You can do this!!

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