Michelle, Iowa

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Michelle, Iowa

January of 2002 was the beginning of my IC so in that regards I guess I am lucky I haven't had this disease that long. I'm 23 years old and just got married last July. I am a teacher and live in Iowa. Anyway, my symptoms started out as urinary frequency, urgency, burning urination, painful intercourse, etc. After many rounds of antibiotics for suspected UTIs (even when my urine came out clean) and tons of doctors later, I had no answers of why I was sick. By February I assumed I had IC because of all the research I had done on my symptoms, but no doctors (including urologists) even knew what that was when I asked them if I had it. I endured many tests that all came out normal except for an abnormal thyroid test that my doc said not to worry about. Even after one of the urologists performed a cystoscopy, he said my bladder looked "fine". I had also done a lot of research on a systemic yeast overgrowth and how it relates to IC and I thought that might be my problem. I have never had to worry about gaining weight--all my life I have eaten anything I wanted and always stayed around 100-110 pounds at 5'7''. So needless to say I have consumed a VERY high sugar diet for as long as I can remember. I had also been on birth control pills for about 4 years and taken many antibiotics so I had all the predisposing factors. 

In April I finally sent my records along with a letter stating that I thought I had IC to a urogynecologist who specialized in IC and he called me one Saturday and said that yes, I had IC and I was a classic case. He wanted me to come in and go through all those terrible tests so that he could actually diagnose IC, but the next day I found Matia's website and decided not to go see this doctor and go through those tests. I didn't need to have it written down on paper that I had IC.

In March, after finding the yeast theory, I changed my diet, went off The Pill and started taking antifungals and acidophilus which did help a little, but I was kind of scared because I didn't know if treating myself was the best idea. So I am very excited that I now have Matia to guide me through this recovery. Matia also believes that my IC is totally related to yeast . . . it was nice to have a doctor not laugh at me when I mentioned this theory for a change!!

Update - 6 Months:
I'm doing very well. I would say I'm 80% better than when I started with her in April. When I started I had terrible frequency, urgency, pelvic pain, burning, painful intercourse, fatigue, migraines, etc. Now I only pee about 6 times a day which can be considered normal, have no urgency, no pelvic pain, no migraines and have enough energy to get through the day without getting tired at all! My only urinary symptom I have left is some residual burning in my bladder, but this only starts in the evening (when it used to be all day) and is less intense than before. And I have had 2 days that I didn't even have this so I was technically IC free those days! :) I only get up one time a night to pee and sleep very well.My other problems that haven't cleared up quite yet are pain during intercourse and I have not got my period back yet since I went off the Pill in March. Matia says it will come when my body is ready which 

I hope is soon because my husband and I want to start having kids once I get better. I also usually have ragweed allergies August-October where I'm totally miserable, but this year I didn't have a single allergy symptom!! Matia says it's because people with healthy immune systems don't have allergies so my immune system is starting to get strong again. 

Update - 8 months:
I am still continuing to do really well. I had my period finally! The best part was I had no PMS or horrible cramps during the period which in the past years I had always experienced with every period. I guess those things are due to a yeast overgrowth and since we are getting rid of the yeast, PMS slowly gets better. My bladder is also still doing well. I have had some more IC free days and the only bladder symptom I have left is some burning and that only occurs in the evenings. I'm still pretty bloated, but that is the yeast again which we are working on. Only urinate one time at night. The mornings are the best for me. In the past couple weeks I have been able to go from the time I get up until about 1:00 in the afternoon without peeing! That is six hours! I'm very excited about my improvement and am even starting to enjoy our diet that we must adhere to because I know how healthy it is for us.

Matia is a wonderful healer and I thank God every day that I found her. I can actually feel my bladder healing as the weeks go on. Good luck to the rest of you that are her patients! You are in my prayers!!

Thank you to all of you who are part of the Yahoo group . .I have read all your posts and they have helped me tremendously! This website saved my life!!!