Stephanie, Oregon

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Stephanie, Oregon

January 31, 2008

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am recovering from IC.  I wanted to post my story so that others who are in a similar situation as I was several years ago—feeling hopeless in my search for relief and answers about my illness—can find hope that there is relief, there are answers, you are not the only one going through this suffering and it’s CERTAINLY not “just in your head” as some medical professionals were leading me to believe.

As I recall the situation I was in eight years ago when all this started, I am surprised at how painful these memories still are for me.  It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was a very real and terribly difficult time for me, both physically and emotionally.   My illness started out as a routine bladder infection.  I had a couple bladder infections that same year and the antibiotics seemed to do the trick.  But this last bladder infection proved impervious to the antibiotics and after (literally) months of trying different antibiotics there was no improvement in my condition. In fact, I was much worse.  In addition to trips to the bathroom at least every half hour, I also suffered joint pain, a low grade fever and the pain in my bladder and uterus area was alarming.  Managing my normal daily routine was becoming impossible.  Daily I would sit at home and stress about whether I should go to the emergency room, or not.  My Western doctor was stumped and sent me to several specialists including gynecologists, urologists and other internists.  I had more tests and procedures than I can count or name.  All coming up inconclusive or worse: positive.  I made the mistake of letting one doctor do an ANA test (to screen for autoimmune disorders) —which tested positive—and now insurance companies won’t touch me.  I did have bacteria in my cultures, but antibiotics were not working.  I was told my condition could be anything from Trichomoniasis to Lupus…and IC, but none of the doctors could find my cure.

Completely fed up with Western medicine and desperate to feel better, I turned to alternative medicine.  I saw acupuncturists and chiropractors who had the best of intentions—all stating they felt they could help me, and even though I sometimes had a reprieve, my symptoms always returned.  I remember feeling completely scared and hopeless as one acupuncturist threw up his hands and suggested I go back on antibiotics!

I was living in Los Angeles during this whole ordeal, and ironically enough it wasn’t until I moved to Portland Oregon that I learned of Matia and Bomamed.  A friend of mine from LA worked with a woman who had similar symptoms as mine, and was seeing Matia for treatment.  I browsed Bomamed’s website in total amazement.  I completely related to the descriptions, symptoms and stories.  My first conversation with Matia was a similar experience and I was so relieved to learn that many of the other ailments I’d been enduring (psoriasis, OCD tendencies, memory loss, non-existent sex life…much to my husband’s dismay) could be related to IC, as well as the correlation of likely causes (terrible diet, 20 years of birth control pills, mono).  I was a little skeptical about the efficacy of a long distance treatment, but was desperate and miserable enough to give it a try.

It’s been a little over three years since I first started treatment with Matia, and despite my complete lack of self-discipline (I have an undying love of fast food, chocolate, and certain beverages that are definite no-no’s),  I have stayed faithful in taking the daily prescribed herbs and supplements and have seen an incredible improvement.  While I’m not yet 100%, I am convinced I would be by now if I had strictly followed Matia’s diet.  I had a breakthrough a couple months ago when I was delayed in sending in my herb order and ended up going a month without any herbs…and I was symptom free!  I am now taking smaller doses and fully expect to be 100% in a very short time.  

In writing this, it’s not been easy revisiting my past.  The pain, confusion, self doubt and loss of hope I experienced made the first part of this decade the most unhappy time of my life.  I’m glad it’s passed.  I am healthier and in better shape now than I have been in over 15 years, and now I have the chance to share my story and give hope to others who are experiencing the devastation of IC.  Bomamed is your pathway to health.  It won’t be easy, but it works and I’m living proof!