IC Success stories

Rita, Los Angeles
The earliest memory I have of IC symptoms was when I was about eight years old. I knew by then that I was different from other people as far as my bladder was concerned. I usually had to urinate about every 20-60 minutes. I had never met anyone like me. I also had repeated bouts of strep throat, joint pains, leg aches, rheumatic fever, and mitral valve prolapse.
I didn't experience any bladder pain until I was fifteen. I used to go into the bathroom between classes to urinate and put cold, wet paper towels against me to try and stop the burning. I would also drink some water and the pain
Rayanna, New York
Hi, my name is Rayanna. I am 8 years old and a patient of Matia. My story starts when I was a baby and had a respiratory virus. The doctors gave me Albuteral and Pedipred (a steroid) to help me to breath. Unfortunately those drugs compromise your immune system.
When I was 3 and started to potty train, since my immune system was not working like it should, I was susceptible to UTIs which I started getting every 3-4 months. The doctor ran tests to see if there were any problems that were causing them but there was nothing abnormal so after two years of several infections he put me on a low dose
Peggy, Southern California
I guess I've had IC for about 16 or so years. I started off by getting repeated bladder infections that cleared up with antibiotics. Then I got one that wouldn't clear up, the symptoms continued, so my family doctor sent me to a urologist. They tried urethral dilations first. That felt like hell. I'm convinced it was some sort of masochistic torture device. Then they tried to get me to urinate while on some machine to measure, but I couldn't go even when they put me behind a curtain, so they didn't get any more information. I don't remember having any problems again for a while, maybe a year
Pam, Brunei / U.K.
I have been a long distance patient of Matia's for nearly two years.
Previously I had followed the usual Western medications and theories on IC the reasons for its development and supposed cures. However I knew deep down that the answer lay somewhere else and I began searching the Internet and reading as much as possible about IC. Through this searching I came across an interview Matia had given and her approach to IC. 
Up until this stage in my life I had never really thought much about alternative medicine. In fact I never thought much about medicine at all. I have always been very healthy
Natasha, Los Angeles
I have seen comments on the boards about wishing that there were more success stories posted. Briefly, here's my story.
After three bladder infections in three months (and no bladder infection the previous 10 years) and after an incredibly painful and scary "process of elimination" I was told - "you have IC." Then, after months with one premier UR "specialist" where I left with a list of 8 drugs to take (4 of which I was told I would take forever) and a bad feeling that I was not on the right path, I chose to try Dr. Fugazawa's program. Then, after three months taking antibiotics (one that I
Natalie, Pennsylvania
My story of Interstitial Cystitis actually begins with my sister. Her story is on this website too. My sister, Missy, had IC for about 2 years before I started getting similar symptoms. Because of her history and struggle with IC, I was all too familiar with Interstitial Cystitis. I was terrified when I got a urinary tract infection, all I could think of Interstitial Cystitis . I had a few bladder infections earlier in my life, but this one did not go away with the antibiotics. I had my urine tested again after the third dose of antibiotics and when the culture came back negative, I was sure
Michelle, Iowa
January of 2002 was the beginning of my IC so in that regards I guess I am lucky I haven't had this disease that long. I'm 23 years old and just got married last July. I am a teacher and live in Iowa. Anyway, my symptoms started out as urinary frequency, urgency, burning urination, painful intercourse, etc. After many rounds of antibiotics for suspected UTIs (even when my urine came out clean) and tons of doctors later, I had no answers of why I was sick. By February I assumed I had IC because of all the research I had done on my symptoms, but no doctors (including urologists) even knew what
Melissa, Pennsylvania
I was 29-years-old and had just delivered my second son. Everything went fine. I was back to exercising and feeling great. Then eight weeks later I developed, my first ever, urinary tract infection. I was treated with antibiotics. The symptoms never went away. I had a constant urethral burning. A urine culture was done revealing e-coli and I was given more antibiotics. The symptoms persisted. Finally I was given injectable antibiotics with still no help. I was referred to another urologist who did a urodynamic study revealing that I couldn't hold much urine. I was therefore given the
Marsha, Arizona
First of all, let me say I have had IC for 6 years. It came on suddenly and violently. My main symptoms are burning pain and spasms in my bladder, urethra, clitoris, fatigue, back pain and leg spasms. I told Matia, I would be a tough case. Doctors just wanted me to take pain meds, antidepressants and have bladder installations. I knew there was another way out there to be "healed", not just "medicated", so I prayed, and God led me to Matia's site where the stories of others who were actually having success motivated me to give it a try.
I had to wait about 5 or 6 weeks to start, because Matia
Margaret, Los Angeles
Matia asked me to write a testimonial, and every night as I drifted off to sleep I would think to myself, "Damn, I forgot to do my testimonial again. I'll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow. . ." Well tomorrow has finally turned into today. Four months from when Matia first asked. My excuse is probably the best endorsement that I could give Matia. I have been too busy. Too busy to think or worry about having IC. 
When I first came to Matia I was in a state of panic. I was very uncomfortable almost all the time. I was having trouble sleeping at night and was going to the bathroom about every half an