IC Success stories

M.J., New York
IC started for me during Christmas of 2002. (It had been brewing before that but I became symptomatic around Christmas). I had what I thought was a UTI starting, and because we were going away for the holidays I thought I should get it checked out. They saw things in my urine so they prescribed antibiotics and off I went. Well they didn't work as they always had in the past so I just thought I needed a stronger prescription. When I got back and called, they said there was only one problem, I didn't have a UTI, the labs came back normal. That was crazy, something was wrong. I still had
Lloyd, Los Angeles
I have been a patient of Boma-Med's for many years now for chronic candidiasis. It took me approximately two years of working very hard to get my body back into balance. I felt great for a stretch of time and went about my life.
Suddenly, after having been with a new sexual partner, I started to have what felt like an infection in my urine. Urination was very hot and burning, I could not hold it without a lot of pain, and I was going very frequently. 
I went to my regular doctor and he examined my prostate and my urine. He determined I had enterococcus in my sperm and needed to go on
Lisé, Los Angeles
Hi, my name is. Lisé. I am 44 years old. I have been a patient of Matia's for 2 1/1 months now. Let me tell you how I came to be her patient.
I enjoyed normal health with the exception of a heart murmur until around the age of 18-19 years of age. I was very athletic, enjoying many sports and generally enjoying my life. When I was around 19, I began to get migraine headaches. They became more and more debilitating as time went on. I missed out on a lot of fun times, lying in bed in agony. I still enjoyed life when my head wasn't hurting. In the meantime, I was abusing my body with drugs and
Lisa, Los Angeles
Lisa's symptoms started about 20 years ago. They were a little different from the norm. Mainly, she had frequency, urgency, and at the worst point, pressure on the right side of her abdominal/pelvic area. She had gone to doctors, including well known pioneers of IC like Dr. Larrian Gillespie.
Lisa did have a cystoscopy, which ruled out IC, but she had all the typical symptoms. She would have good and bad periods, but she took no medication. Two years prior to seeing Matia the symptoms flared up again. She saw more urologists, one of whom put her on Pyridium. It did not help her. Over time she
Lisa the Esthetician
Hi Friends,
I thought I would take a moment to share my amazing success story with all of you who are at the beginning of your journey on the road to recovery. My story begins when I was a child. I remember feeling the burning sensation very young. As young as 5 or 6.I constantly felt pain through my young teens and through High School.  During my senior year I had to leave my friends and attend home school because I was missing too many classes and we needed to find out what was wrong with me. Six months later, I was diagnosed with IC. 
My journey to recovery began in 2004. When I started
Karla, Illinois
My story starts like everyone else's, a story of pain, confusion and unobtainable answers. Maybe some of you can relate.
I'm not exactly sure when the pain started, as it seems like I've always had it. I never had many urinary infections, when I was young, so I didn't really correlate the two. My horse fell on me at the age of 17, causing much internal damage, I'm sure. I started on birth control pills at an early age to regulate my periods and was on antibiotics as a small child for sore throats. I had an extremely difficult pregnancy and delivery. Mostly, I have never eaten healthy and my
Karen, Los Angeles
Karen was in really bad shape when she went to Matia. She had pain and urgency. She is not clear on all the dates but she had been diagnosed with IC. She had DMSO treatments for about a year, which made it worse. She also worked with Dr. Fugazzotto on the antibiotic regimen. She took them for 3-4 months and they did not help. She noticed no change after that time.
Karen was a big skeptic about Chinese medicine but went to see Matia after a recommendation from her naturopathic pharmacy. She was in severe pain, and Matia immediately started Karen on the herbs, acupuncture and a special diet, in
Julie, Southern California
My battle with IC began on New Year's Eve of 2000. What a great way to start the millennium! For the first time in my life I got a urinary tract infection. After about 2 months and 8 rounds of antibiotics I was not getting better and I was in serious trouble. I learned about IC and wanted to get a diagnosis because I thought it would quiet the uncertainty that was plaguing me, so I had a cystoscopy/hydrodistention done. After the procedure the urologist said he did not think I had IC but that there was some inflammation on the lower part of the bladder. Of his own volition, he had decided to
Julie, Florida
Summer 2002, I suffered what I thought was a UTI while studying abroad in Europe. I knew something was wrong when I had to pee what seemed like every minute of the day. My bladder also felt like a 50 lb. weight and ached all day long. There was even an instance or two when I lost control of my bladder before finding the bathroom. I felt so ashamed.
When I returned to the states, my gynecologist prescribed Cipro and Ampicillin for the "UTI", but neither antibiotic worked. Later, I saw a urologist who offered to fill my bladder with water and give me a prescription for a drug that would
Joy, Oregon
In June 2001 I had my first UTI. I went to the doctor, checked positive for bacteria, and I was given an antibiotic. I believe I got the bacteria from a hot tub the previous week. Within a day the symptoms were gone and all seemed back to normal. The following September I noticed the same symptoms: frequency and my bladder felt "funny". I went to the doctor and she took a urine sample, which showed some bacteria. She gave me the antibiotic Macrobid, which did nothing. The symptoms remained. The doctor gave me another course of antibiotics, a sulfur drug. My symptoms increased over the next