IC Success stories

Debi, Los Angeles
In early January 2000 I started feeling like I had a chronic bladder infection. I felt a burning in my low pelvis, but I felt most of my irritation after I urinated. This irritation was accompanied by a sensation to empty my bladder after I had already urinated. I immediately started drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. I went to my gynecologist and they told me I had a slight yeast infection and perhaps that was what was irritating me. I immediately started taking an over-the-counter yeast infection medication. After that treatment didn't effect my symptoms I went back to my
David, Los Angeles
I started to develop periodic symptoms of IC in my early 20s, over the course of which I was misdiagnosed and treated for recurring prostatitis, non-specific urethritis, and pelvic muscle spasms. At the age of 27 I began to develop a problem with urinary retention and frequency; at the time I finally sought a urologist to investigate the problem, I was visiting the bathroom about every 35 to 45 minutes, and waking up three or four times a night. As the urologist worked toward a diagnosis over the next two and a half years, the IC symptoms magnified enormously: I began to have burning pelvic
Cindy, Los Angeles
Cindy was diagnosed in 1992 with IC. She had to be catheterized when she was 3 years old because she could not urinate, so it seems something was already brewing at an early age. Her symptoms working up to the discovery that she had IC were that she had to urinate more than other people, but she attributed that to the fact that she is a small person, and therefore probably had a small bladder.
About a year before she went to Matia. She had a bad bladder infection for which she took antibiotics. The infection went away. One year later her frequency increased. One month later it really hit. She
Camille, San Francisco
Around the time I first launched IC Success I found a practitioner of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture named Matia Brizman. I found her through one of her patients online. I was told such wonderful things about how she had helped many to get well from IC, that I decided to conduct a telephone interview with her for this site. The positive energy that this woman exuded was like a magnet. We immediately hit it off and I was impressed with her intelligence, her view on the causes of IC, the methods in which she used to attack the illness and most of all her kind and caring heart.
At the time I
Barbara, North Carolina
I have had IC for eight years. I was 54 when my symptoms started. I woke up one morning and had IC. As I look back I remember that I had had frequency at times, mostly in the mornings for several years prior to the onset of IC.
I tried all the usual treatments and medications that are available for IC. Nothing really helped much. My main symptoms were frequency, burning, irritation and pressure. About a year and a half ago I started Dr. F's long term antibiotics. After four months I could stand the yeast no longer. Even taking anti fungals and adhering to a yeast-free diet I still had a big
Ava, Los Angeles
It is 6:30a.m. in the morning and I have just woken up and am getting ready to go workout at the gym and begin my day. Things are different now than before. I don't have anxiety about my health, in particular my bladder. My thoughts are about how to enjoy the day and not so much about surviving the day. I eat what ever I want and sometimes even enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. My life is normal ---now. I am happy and healthy and I have come full circle. It was not always like this.
About 3 years ago, I was suffering from IC, a painful bladder disorder. Getting no help from western medicine
March 4, 2008
I received the email regarding Oprah. I hope that she does the show and does it in a mature, compassionate and informative fashion. I've had this horrible condition for about 10 years. I was suicidal for many of them. However, I have been helped immensly during the last 2 1/2 years by Dr. Matia Brizman in L.A. She is a Dr. Of Traditional Chinese Medicine @ Bomamed clinic. I know that the NVA focuses on pharmacuetical research and tradional western medicine practices however, I must say that none of that ever helped me - only made me much much worse. I encourage you and others in
Annmarie, Michigan
My name is Annmarie. I am 29 years old and have been with Matia for a little over three months. My story began at a very young age. I was born with an anatomically malformed urinary system; my ureters weren’t implanted correctly in my bladder and the valves that prevent backflow of urine in to the kidneys weren’t working (actually a fairly common disorder in females). I was in and out of the hospital with severe bladder and kidney infections all the time for the first four years of my life. Needless to say, I was pumped full of antibiotics during this time and was put on prophylactic courses
Angie, Los Angeles
Angie woke up in pain one day about 3 years ago. She went to the bathroom and had pain for the rest of the day. She went to a doctor who put her on antibiotics and a dietary regimen. She feels that green tea was the cause of her IC. She drank a tremendous amount of it and it is full of tannin. As it progressed She went to several doctors. She was treated for dry skin and a bacterial infection. No one understood what was going on.
Angie was referred to Matia, through a naturopathic pharmacy. Matia calmed down my pain significantly after the first visit with acupuncture. She also continued to
Alyson, Los Angeles
My story of Interstitial Cystitis dates back many years. It seems now that every minute of my life has influenced so much of who and what I am today.I began experiencing stomach pain and doctors weren't sure at that point if I had Crohns disease or irritable bowel syndrome. A few years later I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my spine and eventually developed double spinal curvature and scoliosis. During my first year of college I had a severe case of gastroenteritis and I was diagnosed with IBS. Irregular and difficult periods meant I was put on the pill and I started taking